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Reduce Storage Clutter

Collapse containers to half their size. Stack, nest and optimize your space.

Bring It With You

The leak‐proof lid and patented collapsible system are great on-the-go.

Boost Food Safety

Protect yourself and your loved ones with toxin-free, non-allergenic silicone.


Straight from your freezer to oven or microwave. Prep, store and cook in one container.

Food-Safe Silicone

100% medical-grade silicone resists stains and odors.


Air-tight lid doesn’t leak or crack like conventional plastic, glass or other containers.

Dual-Purpose Lid

Depress lid to remove excess air for freshness, pull open for vented heating. Heats evenly, unlike other cookware.

Stain & Odor-Resistant

100% medical-grade silicone resists stains and odors.

Efficient Matchmaking

Lids are colored to efficiently match and organize.

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